The Dream

“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”  – Edgar Allan Poe

What is Bamboo Wind?

Bamboo Wind is a love story.

Bamboo Wind is a dream.

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Bamboo Wind is a poem about a dream.  It is a dream crystalized before our eyes in words and sculptures and dance and captured images.

Bamboo Wind is a fusion of Poetry, Photography, Sculpture and Dance.

It is a unique collaboration among poet, sculptor and director Coke Ariail, and choreographer ShaLeigh Comerford.

Bamboo Wind is a multimedia project that springs from the poem of the same name.  The poem is written in seven Cantos with each Canto presenting a different scene in a different sculpted bamboo landscape.  It is a shared dream of desire between two people lost in the wilderness dreamscape of a Bamboo Forest.  A forest where each slips in and out of the others dream.

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The audience will enter the labyrinth of this dream though a twisting path of hanging bamboo canes that swing and stir in a clattering breeze.  A path that leads them into black walled rooms, environments sculpted in bamboo and filled with sound and images and inscribed with cantos from the poem.  Each room is filled with projected images derived from the poem, sculptures made of bamboo canes lashed into strange forms, whispered words and the haunting sounds of the dream.  Finally, after passing through all seven rooms the audience will arrive at a clearing in the forest of canes to find the Poet and the Maiden reliving the Dream, dancing the strange patterns of their feverish thoughts and haunted longings.  The evening length dance will consist of seven dances, each based on a different canto of the poem.

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Seven sculptured architectural environments will be created, all hooked together through a bamboo labyrinth.  The walls of each space will be created using black curtains.  On one wall in each space one Canto from the poem will be inscribed in white paint large enough to be read by the audience from a distance as they pass through the space.  The wall will also be painted with stylized Bamboo stalks and leaves, also painted in white.  Each space will also contain a large bamboo sculpture.  In each room there will also be larger than life-sized photographs derived from the Canto specific to that space projected on the walls.

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When the audience finally arrives in the last space it will open to reveal a hidden grove in the Bamboo Forest, a large space where there will be a series of seven dances, one for each Canto, relating to and derived from each specific canto.  Based on ideas derived from the poem and in collaboration with Mr. Ariail, the dances will be choreographed by ShaLeigh Comerford, an internationally trained and recognized dancer and choreographer with her own dance company, ShaLeigh Dance Works, and a noted rising presence in the Triangle.

There will be a small printed booklet of the poem for the audience to use when viewing the spaces and available to take with them afterwards.

In summary, there will be seven sculpted rooms filled with Bamboo sculptures, seven dances, numerous life size photos derived from the poem and projected in the Rooms, and the book of poems.

Bamboo Wind will premiere in April 2018.

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