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Bamboo Wind

An Evening of Dance, Sculpture & Photography

Whispered Thoughts

Whispered Thoughts

Another poem from the Bamboo Grove.

Coming In January – Bamboo Wind

Dance, Sculpture, Photography & Poetry – Jan. 17 – 20

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Rising Stalks

Another Sculpture ready!  Only one more to go.

Watch for us – Bamboo Wind

Dance, Sculpture, Photography & Poetry

Jan. 17 – 20

#dance #modern-dance #poetry #sculpture #art #drama #theatre #theater #photography #bamboo-sculpture

Bamboo Beer Knot Crew


Bamboo Beer Knot Crew


The Bamboo Beer Knot Crew has completed all of the hanging bamboo curtain installations for the Bamboo Labyrinth.

Forty nine hanging bamboo curtains; 46 seven footers, 8 four footers, three 15 footers!  Three weekends, no problem.

What a crew: Rainer & Lila Blaesius, Charlie Engle, Roman Gabriel, Elizabeth Goodale, Leona Singley & Baby Emi, Sioux Watson!

Coming January 17-20, Bamboo Wind

Sculpture Photography, Poetry, Dance


Bamboo Beer Knot Crew


Bamboo Beer Knot Crew

How do you build a three thousand square foot hanging Bamboo Labyrinth? Call the Bamboo Beer Knot Crew!

Coming January 17, Bamboo Wind

Sculpture Photography, Poetry, Dance

Cloud Boat

One more sculpture completed and ready for installation in January.

Cloud Boat was supposed to be a simple, slightly enlarged, remake of an earlier design.  Ha!  It grew.  And of course it changed.

Mateo Fundraiser


They came. They ate a great meal.  They filled the evening with lively conversation. They even applauded the poetry reading!

This past Tuesday twenty-nine people came together to support our efforts to create the Bamboo Wind project next January.

Chef Matt Kelly of Mateo gave us a hundred dollar a plate fundraising dinner and if that wasn’t enough he then generously donated all of the money to the project without even charging us for the food and wine.

It was a wonderful evening of friendships, old and new, poetry and great food.

And amazingly, everyone was having such a good time that no one remembered to photograph it!  Unheard of in this day and age!  (Surely someone must have a photo).  So you will just have to take our word for it.  It was fabulous.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Matt Kelly for hosting this event, and to all of the generous people who donated.

Onward now.  The real work begins.  Choreography and rehearsal start soon.  We have seven groves and about three thousand square feet to fill with bamboo sculpture. In December we will have to build a hanging Bamboo Forest.  Our photographers must now seriously turn to creating magic images to fill the spaces. And thanks to all of you we now have a sound foundation on which to begin our work.

Fingers crossed as we begin to practice our magic, the magic of turning air into sights and sounds that will fill and stir the imagination. Onward.

It will surely be wonderful.


Support the arts by eating a great meal.

Support the Arts by eating a great meal.

Matt Kelly of Mateo believes so strongly in the Bamboo Wind project that he is hosting a $100 a plate fundraising dinner next Tuesday evening with an extraordinary menu, where all of the proceeds will go to the Bamboo Wind project.  Please help make this a reality.

Bamboo Wind, a poem by Coke Ariail, will serve as the theme for a major multi-art installation and concert that will explore the poem by creating a three thousand square foot hanging bamboo forest filled with bamboo sculpture, the work of three outstanding photographers exploring the poem, and a major evening length dance concert by ShaLeigh Comerford exploring the themes of longing and desire contained in the poem.

For more information about the project visit our web site;

Reservations by phone only.  Bring a friend. Support the arts by eating a great meal.

For Reservations Call:  919-530-8700

Ask for Bamboo Wind Dinner

Tuesday June 12, 7pm

Date Night

Make your reservations now for the Mateo Fundraising dinner for Bamboo Wind.  Why not have a great meal and support the arts!

Chef Matt Kelley of Mateo fame, (as well as of St. James, Mothers & Sons, and Vin Rouge), has generously offered to hold a fundraising dinner for Bamboo Wind.  All of the proceeds from the dinner will go directly to our fundraising efforts to help us create a collaborative performance installation at The Fruit, Durham’s newest art space and creative warehouse complex.

This $100 a plate dinner for 40 people will be an exciting exploration of Spanish Tapas with a Southern flavor and will be held in the private dining room at Mateo’s on Tuesday June 12 at 7pm. The menu looks fabulous.  Enjoy great food and a sampling of the poem.  Meet the Choreographer and the Poet.

Please help us take advantage of this incredibly generous offer. For an evening to remember, please join us.  Tell your friends.  Pass it on.

For Reservations Call:  919-530-8700

Ask for Bamboo Wind Dinner

Tuesday June 12, 7pm

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