Support the Arts by eating a great meal.

Matt Kelly of Mateo believes so strongly in the Bamboo Wind project that he is hosting a $100 a plate fundraising dinner next Tuesday evening with an extraordinary menu, where all of the proceeds will go to the Bamboo Wind project.  Please help make this a reality.

Bamboo Wind, a poem by Coke Ariail, will serve as the theme for a major multi-art installation and concert that will explore the poem by creating a three thousand square foot hanging bamboo forest filled with bamboo sculpture, the work of three outstanding photographers exploring the poem, and a major evening length dance concert by ShaLeigh Comerford exploring the themes of longing and desire contained in the poem.

For more information about the project visit our web site;

Reservations by phone only.  Bring a friend. Support the arts by eating a great meal.

For Reservations Call:  919-530-8700

Ask for Bamboo Wind Dinner

Tuesday June 12, 7pm