What do you do when you have reached your seventh decade and have worked in TV, founded and run and directed a theatre company producing original work, acted, written and performed your own one-man play, worked as a photographer in the days of film and darkrooms, created, photographed, written and directed recruiting videos for over fifty colleges across the country, written, directed and produced nationally for the Department of Veterans Affairs, run their nationally broadcast PR show “The American Veteran” and won two Emmy awards, three gold Aurora awards, one Platinum Aurora, two Bronze Telly and three Silver Telly awards, . . . and now all of that is behind you?

You begin again. You reinvent yourself. You search for new ways to reach across the great divide that separates one human from another. You take everything you have learned and see where you can next apply it to bring grace and beauty to the lives of others. In my seventh decade I am more convinced than ever of the need for art in our lives to bring us moments of beauty, to explore and share with others the depth and struggles of our passion and our lives. How else are we ever to reach out to those around us and to be able to embrace those from all walks of life who are such an integral part of our lives except through art.

Three years ago I began designing and building bamboo sculptures. They were all lashed together in centuries old ways with cord and rope and twine, trying to create images that stir our imagination. And in today’s green world, what could be greener, both literally and figuratively than bamboo. It is having an incredible resurgence in Asia in the world of architecture and in art, as abuilding tool that is affordable, plentiful, that regenerates quickly, that has excellent strength and yet is easily adaptable to many different situations and needs.

I have always loved bamboo. As a child in the south, there was always a patch to play in and to cut and play with. As a sailor I developed a love of working with rope. And now the two have come together.

Now I have decided to build an entire world of a bamboo dream forest. A place of wandering paths and myriad startling forms and sculptures.

But this world is more than just bamboo sculptures. It is a world created in poetry. A world where dreams of longing are made flesh and danced before our eyes. A world where we encounter images of dreams in photographs captured in our fleeting imagination and projected onto the walls of our journey.

I am asking you to join me in this wonderful green world of dreams.

Start now. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

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